Almost Friday


Almost Friday is an app I built at the start of COVID with the media company Friday Beers (1.3M Followers on Instagram).

At the start of COVID, I realized that many people at school were using zoom to play party games with their friends who went home because of the pandemic. I saw this as the perfect opportunity to combine zoom with real time games into one singular app. So, me and my designer friend Tim reached out to Friday Beers for a partnership and sure enough, they were interested. For the next couple of months, I spent many long nights building real-time games on top of video chat. These games ranged from poker to seven-eleven doubles to trivia to photo roulette, which were all able to played with up to 8 of your friends in real time.

This was an incredible learning experience for me, as it taught me not only how to build video chat, but also how to build real-time games on top of it. I ran into and overcame many challenges with optimization and lag with video chat that taught me so much about how to properly utilize multithreading and concurrency in mobile applications.

You can view the project on the App Store here.

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