Marco - Software Engineer Intern


In the summer of 2020 right at the start of COVID, I started working as a full stack engineering intern at Marco. There, I was responsible for not only building the iOS app, but also helping to design the database and backend for Marco.

One of the hallmarks of the Marco application was allowing users to control the degree to which their friends know their precise location. What I am most proud of from this internship is developing this feature by creating a proprietary location obfuscation algorithm. In simpler terms, the algorithm allowed the user to select the tier of obfuscation that was best suited for them. I programmed it to allow for users to obscure their location up to 10 miles from their actual location.

I was also responsible for building the real-time map for the Marco app, which showed the locations of your friends and notified you if they were within a certain distance of your current location.


My contribution

Full Stack Development (Swift and JavaScript) Product Design

The team


April 2020 - Jan 2021



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