Parallel is an app I built for LavaLab at USC. LavaLab is USC's product incubator and startup accelerator. LavaLab admits the top 5% of engineering, design, and business minds to create innovative products over the course of a semester and later pitch them to Venture Capitalists.

I led the IOS development of Parallel: a smart street parking solution for urban areas. This project utilized a smart parking meter to detect open parking spots on streets via license plate detection in real-time. Then, drivers who are looking for street parking can search and navigate to these spots through our IOS app. In doing so, drivers spend less time looking for parking spots and cities can enforce parking more easily.

I was responsible for developing the IOS application from the ground up using Swift, working with Google Cloud to interact with the smart parking meter, and instituting real-time updates to respond to state changes between the app and the hardware. We also built a parking meter physical prototype that we tested on streets. This project won the judge's choice award at LavaLab Fall 2019 Demo Night.


My contribution

Software Engineering (Swift and Python) Product Strategy

The team


September 2019 - December 2019



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