Stir - Product Engineer Intern


Last may, I started working as a product engineer intern for Stir. There was a reason the position was named "product engineer" and not "software engineer" - it was because I was working on much more than just the software component of the business. At Stir, I touched all phases of the product: development, design, and product strategy. I had an extreme level of ownership, something I am deeply grateful for. The first half of the summer, I was responsible for bringing Stir's pay product to mobile, which you can read about here.

Through this process, I learned so much about not only the ins and outs of software engineering at a high growth startup, but also how to bring my ideas to life through design and working closely with product managers to flesh out new features.

Towards the second half of the summer, I was tasked with bringing the rest of the web product to mobile and iOS, which I am still working on currently as a freelance engineer.

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My contribution

iOS Development (Swift) Backend Development (Typscript, GraphQL) Product Design and Strategy

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